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Mountain Fine Art Photography

Mountains are one of the most popular subjects for landscape photography thanks to their grandeur and sky-piercing height.

The fact that mountains come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and appear in every climate in the world means that they can have very distinct personalities as well.

Sometimes, majestic mountain peaks are enough on their own to make a beautiful photo. But as with any kind of fine art photography, mountain fine art photography is less about the mountain itself and more about the story to be told of the greater landscape.

I have spent much of my career creating breathtaking images of mountains. No one knows better the importance of capturing nature’s beauty in a way that transports viewers to the spot in which the image was taken.

You can see this concept at work in my photo above, entitled First Light.

Not only is this image evocative of Ansel Adams’ classic Tetons and the Snake River, but it also grabs your attention with the bursts of color of the morning light. The sunrise illuminating the Grand Teton and the surrounding peaks gives the shot wonderful warmth.

Even if you’ve never been to this spot, you can imagine the crispness of the morning air in your lungs as you wait for the warmth of the sun to descend into the valley. It’s that transportive element that makes mountain fine art photography like this so compelling.

Creating mountain fine art photography requires a little bit of thinking outside the box as well. That is, not all fine art mountain photos have to put the mountains on full display.

In my fine art shot entitled The Veil, Snowmass Mountain serves as an interesting backdrop for an incredibly dramatic image.

The dark, low-hanging clouds and the wisps of snow falling to the ground create a wonderful mood in this shot. If you’ve ever been in the mountains when a spring snowstorm is descending upon you, you understand just how dark and foreboding the sky can be.

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