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Updated: Jun 3, 2019

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Prime Targets

Wildflowers are a prime target for fine art photographers because of their interesting shapes, textures, colors, and details. But as I or any other fine art photographer will tell you, creating gorgeous photos of wildflowers isn’t just dependent upon the flowers themselves, but also on the surrounding landscape.

In fact, if you explore wildflower fine art photography, you’ll often find that images pair the beauty and detail of wildflowers in the foreground of the shot with the drama of a skyscape acting as a crown of sorts for the photo.


You can see this concept at work in my image above entitled Blue Velvet. The deep blue color of the flowers with their delicate white accents draw you into the image while the fingers of lightning above add the dramatic element that sets the photo off.

Of course, there are opportunities to create wildflower fine art photography even without the addition of the sky.


Bluebonnet Road

In Bluebonnet Road, you can see how the flowers have become the focal point of my image. Their immense numbers and the sheer thickness of the flower coverage gives your eyes plenty to look at, even without the sky showing in the photo.

The inclusion of the roadway to act as a leading line was a smart compositional choice, as it helps break up the ocean of flowers while also giving this fine art photo more visual depth.

So, whether you get in close for a detail-rich shot, frame up a wide-angle image of the larger landscape, use wildflowers as a foreground introduction, or something in between, the possibilities are endless for capturing nature’s beauty and creating stunning wildflower fine art photos.

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