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Wildlife Fine Art Photography

Like fine art portraiture, wildlife fine art photography is all about telling a story about the subject.

Whether it’s a moose or bear, lion or cheetah, eagle or peregrine falcon, or some animal in between, when capturing images of animals, it’s important to find ways to put their unique personality on display.

That, however, can be easier said than done.

Fine art photographer Kevin Vandivier can attest to that. He’s been photographing animals for decades and is constantly learning new things about how to effectively photograph our friends in the animal kingdom.

The first trick to creating images that showcase the personality of the animal is to plan ahead and put yourself in the best position to photograph your intended subject.

In Bear Candy, Kevin traveled to the location in the fall when bears are extremely active searching for food to bulk up for the long winter.

As in a portrait of a person, portraits of animals are often more eye-catching if they’re doing something.

Such is the case in this shot, with the bear hunting for berries amidst an explosion of fall colors.

Without proper planning and preparation, Kevin would have never been able to create such an incredible image.

Aside from developing an understanding of where animals will be and when, you can increase your chances of making wildlife fine art photography by striving for a more intimate shot.

Unlike in Bear Candy, in Grant's Zebra above, there’s no hint of the surrounding environment.

Instead, the unique features of the zebra take center stage, her eyes and eyelashes taking on an almost human-like quality.

To get such a shot, use a telephoto lens and keep your distance. After all, as Kevin found out, zebras aren’t always nice, as this particular gal bit him on the arm!

Though they can be mean, dangerous, and straight up deadly, the animals we share planet earth with are unmistakably beautiful. These examples of wildlife fine art photography certainly prove that point.

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